Stationery Fees

Please be advised that the system of providing stationery for 2021 has changed from the current system used for many years.

From 2021, the school will sell the compulsory school specific book pack. The book pack will contain the exercise books, plastic covers, learner diary, workbooks, paper, consumables etc. It will NOT contain the writing instruments. When the books are finished, the school will supply additional books. You only replace at your own cost, if the books are lost or damaged.

The writing instruments will be for the parent to purchase on their own as per the supplied lists.

The items for Grade R, 1, 2 and 3 are to be bought for the start of the school year (January) and then at mid-year (July). This helps you with cash flow as not all items are bought for the entire year at once. Do not supply the mid-year items in January. The Grade R, 1, 2 and 3 stationery items must be clearly marked with the child’s name and surname and be brought to school on the first day. The items must be placed in a plastic bag. Please ensure each individual item or each item in a box is clearly and permanently marked with the child’s name and surname. If your child does not arrive with their items they will not be able to work.

These items stay at school. You must have another set to work with at home. Items get lost and or forgotten if taken home. If items are lost or finished you will get a letter to indicate what needs to be supplied to school.

The items for Grade 4 – 7 are bought to start the year and the parent is required to buy more items when required, when lost or finished. These items stay with the child and are for home and school use.

The new system for writing instruments, also helps you to use up any items you may have available from this year. Items like rulers, sharpeners, scissors and the pencil case does not have to be brand new, but they must be in an undamaged, clean and usable condition. Stationery does not have to be brand specific, but we strongly recommend the brands listed as they work best for school use. Please be aware that if you supply damaged or poor quality items, your child will struggle to work properly. Please remind your child to take care of their items and use them properly so that the items last.

Stationery List 2021