Parents are reminded that the Learners’ uniform and the Learners’ appearance reflects to others, the type of parent you are, the type of learner your child is and the calibre of school we are.

To instill pride and discipline in the learner and in the school, we insist on learners being properly attired for school.

We urge you to make sure that your child is cleanly and neatly attired every day; therefore, please follow the attached guidelines/rules to ensure that your child’s appearance reflects the standard of our school.

Where rules are not followed, the learner will be disciplined as per the school’s Learner Code of Conduct. The attire as per the attached uniform policy is compulsory for learners attending this school.

The school has appointed three official suppliers: Lee Wholesalers, Smart Learners and Starlite Schoolwear. All school branded uniform must be purchased from them.

The unbranded items such as slacks, black belts, and school shoes may be purchased from any supplier, but must be school uniform items and not general wear.

Lee Wholesalers Price List 2023

Starlite Schoolwear

Uniform Policy 2023

Smart Learners